Quiles & Cloud, Sturgeon City

Wed · March 15, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$15.00 - $18.00

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Some of the best parties are the ones that weren’t even supposed to occur. Two or three friends lazily enjoy each other’s
company, then another two or three join the impromptu festivities. Jokes are cracked, drinks are guzzled, and the next thing
you know, it’s 3 a.m.
Celebration, Cabinet’s third studio release and seventh overall, is that kind of gettogether.
Initially intended to be a straight
bluegrass record, the album instead emerged as the band’s most diverse release yet, which is no small statement when you
consider the various genres the band has touched upon in the studio and on the stage to date. What’s remarkable, though,
is that the tunes, which span the band’s eightplus
years of existence, showcase that diversity while retaining a distinct,
cohesive common thread that the band deftly weaves from track to track. It barely needs to be noted at this stage in the
game that the individual musicians’ playing prowess is at a high level, but what makes this a true album rather than a loose
collection of unrelated songs is not those acclaimed Cabinet instrumental chops, but its timehonored
writing abilities, which
are in top form here. Scenes and moods are evoked, established and subtly revisited, sometimes via timeless lyrics and
sometimes with just the simple turn of a musical phrase or accent.
What’s more surprising is these songs, despite their shared sensibilities, were not all written during the same period. Some
have been kicking around the Cabinet catalog for some time, like “Home Now,” a live staple for the Americana outfit since its
early days, which gets a relatively raucous reworking here. Others, like “Pine Billy” and “Red River,” are brand new. “Red
River,” specifically, finds the band at its introspective best, a yearning, pretty tune that might pleasantly surprise some
Cabinet fans.
Those longtime
fans will delight in the new material, and the uninitiated will be won over, too, thanks to the warm, inviting
nature of the songs and the way they’re presented sonically. Themes of home and family abound, further welcoming the
listener to gather around the proverbial campfire with the band as tales are told and songs are sung. It’s a good place to be,
and you’ll be mighty glad you stopped by.
Cabinet is a band with roots firmly planted in the Appalachian tradition. They wear their influences like badges, honoring the
canon of roots, bluegrass, country, and folk, weaving these sounds into a patchwork Americana quilt. But this music isn’t
romanticizing or rehashing the past. Cabinet makes it mark on today. The steady aim of their harmonies soar straight onto
target each time, the soaring vocals giving voice to the story of each song. Their music takes the long way home, treating its
listeners like passengers on a ride through scenic back roads. Their live shows are inclusive, celebratory, and
Members Pappy Biondo (banjo, vocals), J.P. Biondo (mandolin, vocals), Mickey Coviello (acoustic
guitar, vocals), Dylan Skursky (electric bass, double bass), Todd Kopec (fiddle, vocals), Jami Novak (drums, percussion), and
newly added Josh Karis (drums, percussion) all live and love music, and aren’t afraid to show it.
Cabinet formed in 2006, bringing together players from various musical and personal backgrounds. Some of the members
were barely old enough to drink legally, but their thirst for older music was unquenchable. Whether its rustic "American
Beauty"era Grateful Dead or old timey bluegrass, Cabinet has digested it all. But that is not to say that Cabinet recreates older styles. No, this is music that might have its roots in the past, but it is current and vibrant, with a sense of celebrating
the now.
Quiles & Cloud
Quiles & Cloud
Modern troubadours with a timeless blend that beckons to be heard in the truest sense. Both graceful and honest; music that reflects upon the vast and uncharted landscape of existence with heart and humble sensitivity. Poetry and emotion carried soft as feathers on a wind-like current of acoustic sound. When Quiles & Cloud take the stage, there is no mistaking the dual nature of music as it exists balanced between action and silence. Each breath every bit as meaningful as the notes they fall between.
Sturgeon City
Sturgeon City
Sturgeon City attempts to pay homage to the classic voices of bluegrass, folk, jazz and blues traditions, whilst leaving their own indelible mark on each tune that they play. Each member of the band has a unique voice that is expressed in Sturgeon City's original music, and their interpretations of classic tunes. The sum of their contributions is much greater than their value individually. Synergy baby. Stringband music.
Venue Information:
Capital Ale House Music Hall
623 E Main Street
Richmond, VA, 23219